Never change a winning team: Lena defends victory in 2011

Instead of “Unser Star für Oslo” next year it will be Unser Song für …” (“Our Song for …”).

Lena won the 2010 edition of Eurovision with “Satellite” a few nights ago and already Germany is begining their plans for the 2011 edition.

The title in the German media reads “never change a winning team” and Stefan Raab and NDR-director Lutz have confirmed to the ARD ProSieben press conference in Cologne that Lena Meyer-Landrut will once again represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Germany nexy May.

“If Germany would win the World Cup, it would be stupid even if the winning team would not run for the next time,” said Raab. “Morally and musically it is clear that Lena has to defend the title in her own country.”.


Therefore in 2011, the selection process will be “Unser Song für Lena”.

Stay tuned for news when it comes!