Finland: New selection process for Baku

Finnish broadcaster YLE has today announced that the country’s entry for Eurovision 2012 will be chosen under a new format.

The new show, titled Uuden Musiikin Kipailu (New Music Competition), replaces the Euroviisut format that has been used to select Finland’s entry for the last few years and it has been promised by YLE that it will be ‘the biggest and most impressive music show of the year in Finland’.

The contest is open to all singers and songwriters, however at least one of the authors and lead singers must have Finnish citizenship or permanent residence in the country. Demos are being accepted as of today up until the end of September and more information on the rules of the contest can be found here.

UMK will begin on Finnish TV in January and the Final will take place in February in Helsinki. While the selection process hasn’t been entirely confirmed by YLE, these dates suggest that there will be a number of Semi-Finals leading up to the Final.

Finland have had little success since in the contest since their victory in 2006, having failed to qualify once and reaching a highest position of 17th. Despite finishing in 3rd place in Semi-Final #1 this year, Paradise Oskar could only manage 21st place in Düsseldorf with his song Da Da Dum.