Next Up: 2021 – Australia

Australia had a solid plan for Rotterdam: Montaigne, winner of the Australian preselection would sing “Don’t break me” while the one-shot camerawork would be the visual catch. Which parts of this plan can SBS maintain for next year?

In this article we look at Australia in Eurovision 2021. For a full review of their potential entry for 2020, check out this article on our partner website Eurovision Union. Check out our thoughts for next year below.

Key Takeaways: one-shot camerawork and clown outfit?

As expected, Australia will stick with Montaigne as their singer for Rotterdam. This gives the delegation even more time to think over the visual presentation of another song. The most important thing is that it should match with the meaning of that song. This was an issue in ‘Don’t break me’. Who knows, in a year from now, the clown-phase for Montaigne could also be something that belongs in the past?

She already let go of it, a bit, in the stage concept which was presented on the 16th of May. Where was a puppet on a string, and trying to break free. The one-shot camerawork was a nice touch and potentially something that could work again in 2021. No average televoter will know that the idea is not “new”. However, this will only work if it fits the new Eurovision song. There is a danger if SBS clings too tightly to this visual hook. The new song should always be the starting point.

How to proceed with Montaigne at Eurovision 2021

What song could we expect from Montaigne, now that she represents Australia next year? Hopefully we get to see more of the unique flavour Montaigne offers in her music. While there were hints of personality in ‘Don’t Break Me’, there is room for something with unique melodies or structure, and not something simply radiofriendly. Montaigne should be pushing boundaries within those three minutes, in both song and staging.

This was supposed to be Australia’s Eurovision 2020 entry

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