Next Up: 2021 – Belgium

Three top 10 results in a row, followed by two non-qualifiers. That’s the strange track record Belgium has built up since 2015. In 2020, the plan was to send superstars Hooverphonic.

In today’s episode we look at Belgium in 2021. For a full review of their potential entry for 2020, check out this article on our partner website Eurovision Union. Check out our thoughts for next year below.

Key takeaways: Finally Hooverphonic at Eurovision

Belgian Eurovision fans, and especially the ones from Flanders, have been begging their broadcaster to send Hooverphonic for ages. The group has a strong track record through different parts of the country, with different genres of music. They won multiple awards and reached the top spot in the Belgian charts with 5 different songs.

And now they will finally go to Eurovision. No wonder the Belgian regional dispute was solved more quickly than ever before, when the issue of Eurovision 2021 was raised. Hooverphonic will represent Belgium after all.

How should Belgium proceed with Hooverphonic in Eurovision 2021?

Hooverphonic has been successful in several different genres. They have scored hits with rock songs, electronic pop songs, indie styled ballads. However, their most famous genre is trip hop. Obviously, their Eurovision song was something completely different. And while “Release me” had a certain artistic quality to it, it would have been challenging to present it as a “perfect fit”.

Members of Hooverphonic have also repeatedly made statements that displayed a certain arrogance towards the Eurovision Song Contest. It is exactly this attitude that needs to change if they want to be successful next year. The band should simply choose a song that they are comfortable with, rather than a highminded entry “that will teach Europe a lesson”.

This was supposed to be Belgium’s Eurovision 2020 entry

About “Next Up: Eurovision 2021”

In our series Next Up: 2021, we look ahead to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. After the cancellation of Eurovision 2020, all participating countries now face the choice: Stick with their Eurovision singer, or come up with a new preselection or internal selection.

We make an analysis based on what we know so far. What will this country do, or most likely do? And is that the wise choice, looking at the fact that the Eurovision Song Contest remains a music competition?

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