Next Up: 2021 – Croatia

In recent years Croatia has struggled to qualify for the final, including the past two years. This year, it was up to Damir Kedžo with his song ‘Divlji vjetre’ to turn things around. Is he still the man in 2021, to bring Croatia back the times of some great results from the past?

In today’s episode we look at Croatia in 2021. For a full review of their potential entry for 2020, check out this article on our partner website Eurovision Union. Check out our thoughts for next year below.

Key takeaways: Damir Kedžo is a convincing vocal performer

Croatia was not predicted a place in the final at Eurovision 2020 with the bookmakers, but a lot of people could have been in for a surprise. ‘Divlji vjetre’ arguably was not the most memorable song, for sure. But vocally, Damir is convincing. He has a lot of strength in his voice, which was noticable during the choruses and of course the big note towards the end of the song.

One would say that as a singer, Damir has a lot of Eurovision potential. Perhaps juries would have appreciated the vocal masterclass. Even though at Dora 2020, he was the favourite of the televote rather than the jury.

How to proceed with Damir Kedžo?

As said above, Damir is a strong vocalist and seems ready to tackle Eurovision. It is not known yet if Croatia will stick with their choice though, at this moment (late May 2020). With another song, ‘Divlji vjetre’ was written and composed by Ante Pecotić and Bojan Šalamon, he perhaps has more chance. The song needs to stand out more, and it sounds like Damir is also capable of pulling off a stronger composition.

If only they could get one of the great composers within former Yugoslavia to pen down some winning-material for Damir. That would shake things up for 2021.

Exploring other options

There are always other options, especially for a strong cultural music nation like Croatia. Think about the very accomplished and experienced Massimo Savić. He is now a coach on The Voice, so maybe Vanna or Jacques Houdek can persuade him. Something really different for Croatia would be the rock band Vatra, with lead singer Ivan Dečak.

If we keep things more realistic there is of course jury-winner Mia Negovetić, who tied with Damir at Dora 2020. Though picking her now would feel very harsh for Damir and doesn’t feel right.

This was supposed to be Croatia’s Eurovision 2020 entry

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We make an analysis based on what we know so far. What will this country do, or most likely do? And is that the wise choice, looking at the fact that the Eurovision Song Contest remains a music competition?