Next Up: 2021 – North Macedonia

After taking part successfully as a backing singer for Tamara in 2019, Vasil Garvanliev was looking forward to be the main artist on the Eurovision stage. He was chosen internally, so it seems likely he will get his chance after all in 2021.

In today’s episode we look at North Macedonia in 2021. For a full review of their potential entry for 2020, check out this article on our partner website Eurovision Union. Check out our thoughts for next year below.

Key takeaways: Vasil’s nice warm voice could stand out with an excellent song

When Vasil was selected, it was time to listen briefly to some of his previous singles. He has a nice, warm voice. One that would be very suitable for an ethnic ballad. With supporting backing vocals and Vasil’s extra flair, there is potential for another good result.

How to proceed with Vasil?

Vasil was internally selected to represent North Macedonia, which makes it feel more likely that we will be seeing him again in 2021. So far, the broadcaster has not given clearance about his participation in 2021. What we’d love to see and hear from Vasil is a more ethnic heavy song. Perhaps even in its national language.

Exploring other options

Before the success of Tamara Todevska in Tel Aviv in 2019, Macedonia has struggled for many years to do well at Eurovision. It is a small nation, with not a lot of singers. And since a lot of big names took part at Skopje Fest, but it still did not bring them the results they desired, I can understand that the search became more difficult. Picking Tamara internal was a good move, based on the result. But by picking one of her backings for the next year, it feels like an ‘easy’ choice. Surely there should be better, more accomplished names, available for North Macedonia?

One name which has been circulating among fans for some time is Magdalena Cvetkoska, aka Magdalena ENA. Also, the blonde Aleksandra Janeva could be a potential Eurovision singer, that already has some experience in the music scene.

This was supposed to be North Macedonia’s Eurovision 2020 entry

About “Next Up: Eurovision 2021”

In our series Next Up: 2021, we look ahead to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. After the cancellation of Eurovision 2020, all participating countries now face the choice: Stick with their Eurovision singer, or come up with a new preselection or internal selection.

We make an analysis based on what we know so far. What will this country do, or most likely do? And is that the wise choice, looking at the fact that the Eurovision Song Contest remains a music competition?