Next Up: 2021 – Russia

Russia always takes Eurovision seriously. The year after Sergey Lazarev, they were going to send another one of their top artists: Little Big. Will they take the Eurovision stage in 2021 as well?

In today’s episode we look at Russia in 2021. For a full review of their potential entry for 2020, check out this article on our partner website Eurovision Union. Check out our thoughts for next year below.

Key takeaways: Little Big should clear their calendar for Eurovision 2021

Please, let Little Big represent Russia in 2021. Their discography is magical, and although they will never appeal to everyone, they will certainly charm many viewers, no matter the song. Another strong upbeat song will see Little Big at the top end of the odds once again.

How to proceed with Little Big?

It would make sense that, if we will see Little Big at Eurovision 2021 after all, they will stick with what they are good at. A fun song with a lot of repetition in our face. The slapstick humour combined with the dead serious faces – that will appeal to a lot of people in a lot of countries. Let’s hope.

On Social Media some people showed their disappointment after hearing their Eurovision entry. Maybe they can do even better in 2021?

Exploring other options

Russia has been extremely successful with internal selections. And although it is not unthinkable that their best artists would be willing to compete in a national final, there is no direct reason to call for such an event.

So let’s say Channel One will select internally again, but Little Big somehow is unavailabe. It goes without saying that they will keep selecting from the very best their music scene has to offer. Nyusha would be a logical choice in the mainstream category, while Zemfira would be the more alternative choice. Or if Channel One really felt like taking a huge risk, they could try to entice indie legend Regina Spektor to take a swing.

This was supposed to be Russia’s Eurovision 2020 entry

About “Next Up: Eurovision 2021”

In our series Next Up: 2021, we look ahead to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. After the cancellation of Eurovision 2020, all participating countries now face the choice: Stick with their Eurovision singer, or come up with a new preselection or internal selection.

We make an analysis based on what we know so far. What will this country do, or most likely do? And is that the wise choice, looking at the fact that the Eurovision Song Contest remains a music competition?