No Introduction Necessary (2): FYR Macedonia

With 43 participating countries, the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest equals the record previously set in Düsseldorf. But it is not the only record that is met this year! Never have there been more returning artists in one edition of Eurovision than this year.

There are no less than seven returning artists traveling to Stockholm. ESCDaily introduces them all to you this month – not that they need any introduction, of course!

Kaliopi in 1996
In 1984, Kaliopi founded the band “Kaliopi” with Romeo Grill, but after a couple of years she decided to go for her solo carreer. She competed at the 1996 edition of Skopje Fest, the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 1996. With the song “Samo ti“, she was awarded first place by the jury and the audience, winning the right to be the first representative for Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest.

However, the 1996 Contest saw an influx of new participants and the EBU decided to held a non-televised audio pre-selection. Kaliopi and Macedonia were eliminated from the contest in Oslo, before it even begun.

Kaliopi in 2012
Sixteen years later Kaliopi finally made her first real appearance at the contest. In Baku, Azerbaijan, Kaliopi performed the song “Crno i belo“, with lyrics by Kaliopi herself and music by Romeo Grill. After a four-year pause, Kaliopi brought Macedonia again into the finals, and in the years that followed, it turned out to be the only success the country has had in recent years. It placed thirteenth in the final on 26 May 2012, scoring 71 points.

The release of “Crno i Belo” also marked a renewed cooperation between Kaliopi and Romeo Grill after the twelve-year pause. Their collaboration continued following the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 and eventually led up to another participation this year…

Kaliopi in 2016
Because the song “Dona” was also written by Kaliopi and Romeo Grill. It was presented to the public in a special show titled Kaliopi za Makedonija, which took place on the 7th of March 2016. And then we heard that the song is a powerful ballad in the Macedonian language.

Kaliopi gets the chance to showcase the vast variety of her powerful voice. “Dona” is an inspiring ballad with uptempo refrains, full of feelings and emotions. And given the name and fame she has throught the former Yugoslavian region, because of her 40 year jubilee, Kaliopi could do well in the contest in Stockholm.


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