No Introduction Necessary (7): Bosnia-Herzegovina

With 43 participating countries, the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest equals the record previously set in Düsseldorf. But it is not the only record that is met this year! Never have there been more returning artists in one edition of Eurovision than this year.

There are no less than seven returning artists traveling to Stockholm. ESCDaily introduces them all to you this month – not that they need any introduction, of course!

Deen in 2004
As Bosnia had not finished in the top ten in the previous Contest, the country had to perform in the semi-final in Istanbul. Fuad Backović was chosen internal to represent his country and do better than the years before. Deen, which is his stage name, got to perform six song in a national final in which he took part in an expert jury himself to eventually pick the song “In The Disco” with strong Donna Summer-influences in it.

The upbeat track was written by Vesna Pisarović, who represented the Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2002 in Tallinn with her song “Everything I want“. At Eurovision, Deen created a disco out of the Istanbul stage. A disco ball stage prop was mounted on the ceiling of the venue and lower down during Deen’s presentation. The performance contained elaborate choreography and dancers who wore very little clothing. Everyone was dressed in either pink, purple, or blue and Deen wore a disco ball earring. The performance led to a score of 91 points placing Bosnia-Herzegovina in the 9th position.

Deen in 2016
Na big choreography, now that Deen has matured and grown up in the twelve years that followed. He has once again been chosen internally, but has decided not to hold a national final for himself this time around. The song “Ljubav je” was presented in February and is written by Almir Ajanović and Jasmin Fazlić Jala. The song will be performed by Deen, together with Dalal, Ana Rucner and Jala.

When we could describe the 2004-song as a typical disco track, it is hard to describe the 2016 entry from Deen. Many names, and many different music styles have influenced this song. Ana Rucner is a Croatian cellist and Jala is a Bosnian rapper, and they both play a big part in the Bosnian duet by Deen and Dalal. Let’s wait and see if he can top his 9th place from 2004.