Melodifestivalen goes ahead in 2021 without a tour

melodifestivalen 2020 semifinal 1
STOCKHOLM 20191126 Artisterna som tävlar i Linköping. OVÖ, Suzi P, Robin Bengtsson, Felix Sandman, Malou Prytz The Mamas, Sonja Aldénunder SVTs presentattion av de artister som ska tävla i Melodifestivalen 2020. Foto: Jonas Ekströmer / TT kod 10030

Earlier this evening, SVT announced their plans for Melodifestivalen 2021. Sweden’s national selection will continue but will be broadcast entirely from Stockholm.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, SVT has decided the semi-finals, Second Chance round and final will all be broadcast from the same place in Stockholm during the spring. The exact location has not yet been announced. This means the show will not tour through Sweden as normal.

“A Mello tour requires extended planning,” says Anette Helenius, Melodifestivalen’s project leader. “Presently, it is not possible to arrange events for a large audience and no one knows how it will look in the new year. Therefore it is not possible for either SVT, host cities, or the tour collaborators to plan for a 2021 tour.”

20 years of Melodifestivalen on tour

Even with this news, the Melodifestivalen team still plan to celebrate 20 years on tour. In the same announcement they said the competition will still commemorate 20 years since the launch of the modern Melodifestivalen, which includes the tour.

“Despite the situation, we are happy to offer an exciting music competition and magnificent show exactly as we normally would,” added Helenius.

Melodifestivalen will broadcast live at 20:00 CET on SVT on the following dates:

6 February – Semi-final 1
13 February – Semi-final 2
20 February – Semi-final 3
27 February – Semi-final 4
6 March – Andra chansen
13 March – Final