No national final in Germany: Internal selection for Rotterdam

Sisters Germany Eurovision 2019
S!sters was the German act in 2019

Germany will pick their artist for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 internal. There is no national final this year, after a series of rough years where this format of picking their act did not work out for them.

Only Michael Schulte in 2018 managed to get a good result at Eurovision, all the other acts that were chosen through a national final since 2014 have failed to impress.

Broadcaster NDR have formed two independent juries that will decide who will perform for Germany in Rotterdam. A “Eurovision Jury” with 100 people from all over Germany and an international jury, build up by a team of experts from 20 music professionals. In a multi-stage process, these two juries rated both artists and songs.

The song and artist for Germany will be made public on Thursday the 27th of February at 21:30 CET in a special tv-show called “Under Lied für Rotterdam”, hosted by Barbara Schöneberger.