Norma John: “Why should we change anything?”

The Finnish duo Norma John has no big changes planned for their act with the song ‘Blackbird’, when compared to the national final. “We got what we wanted, so why should we change anything?” they say.

“We are quite far, almost ready,” they tell ESC Daily during Eurovision in Concert, “Because we will keep it similar. We got what we wanted, so why should we change anything? It is easy to lose the focus on the song if you do something extra too much.”

‘Surprise’ victory in Finland?

Norma John was not the big favourite before the final of UMK took place imn Finland. But how much different their song was from all the other spectaculair songs. “It was different, and maybe that helped us to stand out from the other ones. But it is no use to speculate. Just go on stage and perform.”

Watch our interview with the duo Norma John above. They also explain what their song ‘Blackbird’ is about.