Norway: 10 artists for Melodi Grand Prix

This year’s Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix will take place on February 27th live from Oslo Spektrum in Oslo, Norway, where it has been revealed this morning that 10 acts will compete to represent Norway in Stockholm at Eurovision 2016.

The Norwegian selection is often different from other national selection shows in that artists rarely take part more than once. Whereas in other countries we see artists come back year after year, the Norwegian final is always fresh and exciting. This year’s list of participants are:

  • Agnete – Icebreaker
  • Elouiz – History
  • Freddy Kalas – Happy Rush
  • Laila Samuels – Afterglow
  • Makeda – Stand Up
  • Pegasus – Anyway
  • Stage Dolls – Into the Fire
  • Stine Hole Ulla – Traces
  • Suite 16 – Anna Lee
  • The Hungry Hearts featuring Lisa Dillan – Laika

Notable contestants include Stage Dolls, who are an 80’s band and one of the most well known names in Norway, as well as Agnete, who took part in the junior Melodi Grand Prix back in 2008 as part of the band Black Sheep.

Inside sources confirmed to ESCDaily that NRK has deliberately not focused on getting big artists in the contest, instead focusing on a specific kind of song that could do well.

This year’s show will again be hosted by Silya Nymoen and Kåre Magnus Bergh, who hosted last year’s competition where “A Monster Like Me” by Mørland & Debrah Scarlett won the competition.

Norway have finished in the top 10 at Eurovision every year since 2013 and will be looking to continue on this good streak this year in Stockholm. You can listen to brief snippets of each song on the NRK website.