Norway: Controversial video clip will not be copied on stage

Kjetil Mørland and Debrah Scarlett will not use the storyline of their controversial video clip for ‘A Monster Like Me’ in their stage act in Vienna. During the Eurovision Song Contest, the duo will do “something completely different”.

Mørland and Scarlett have told ESC Daily about their plans when we met them in Amsterdam during Eurovision in Concert. Mørland: “We will do something different from the music video. People have seen that, and now we want to do something new. We did consider the table scene on stage, but because it is made out of screens and glass, you can’t have a table there. Also no blood on the screens, then we would take it too far.”

In the video clip, which you can watch below, the duo is poisening their dinner guests. Debrah Scarlett tells us that the recording of the song ‘A Monster Like Me’ actually took some time, since she didn’t compose the song. “We had te record it three times, because I had to get in the mood of the song. And since I didn’t write it, I had to make a personal connection. But it fits very well.” Mørland adds: “We are solo artists and we didn’t know each other, until just a few months ago. We met in the studio. It was destiny.”

The message of the song is quite dark. One wonders where the inspiration of ‘A Monster Like Me’ came from, for Mørland. “I’m not sure where it came for. It’s a bit of a strange lyric. It’s more a reflection, than a personal song. I think it could be personal to everyone.” Scarlett: “I think we all did something that we are not proud of in our past.”