Norway: “‘Grab the moment’ is an interesting choice”

Jowst and the song ‘Grab the moment’ have to pick up Norway’s good track record at the Eurovision Song Contest. The country did not qualify for the final last year, and now have the chance to return to their old status.

“Uptempo, funky, kinda cool. I am kinda happy with the Norwegian result,” says Neil MacInnes in our podcast Scout Around. He blogged the Norwegian final for us, but was not very pleased with the overall level of competition. “Although the quality of most songs was not that good. They set the bar pretty low. If Norway will qualify again is hard to tell. Semi final 2 is looking difficult now. ‘Grab the moment’ can stand out, but it can be overlooked as well.”

A different feel to MGP

Listen above to Neil’s opinion on the Norwegian national final, which he thought had a different feel to it, when compared with recent years. “NRK went back to their roots a bit. It felt much older, as the stage looked very different to usual. It did not feel like the Melodi Grand Prix.”