Norway: “Record amount of songs received for MGP”

According to Dagbladet, a record amount of 1035 songs have been submitted in Norway. This amount comes as a slight surprise, as Norway did not make it to the final in Stockholm earlier this year.

Jan Fredrik Karlsen the Head of Delegation for Norwau has confirmed to the newspaper that a record of 1035 songs have been submitted to compete in MGP 2017. The team behind the Norwegian selection currently has a list of around 100 songs that could make it through to the live show. In total 10 songs will be competing in the final of Melodi Grand Prix.

Karlsen made it clear that Norway wants to win the Eurovision Song Contest again, having last won in 2009. Changes are underway with the format of Melodi Grand Prix as the international juries make a return to the contest. 12 countries from across Europe will be invited to have a jury in the competition. The country hopes this will be a better indicator of Eurovision success.