Norway: Several changes made to next year’s Melodi Grand Prix

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NRK has proclaimed today that next year’s Melodi Grand Prix will be ‘bigger than ever’. After the reports of NRK receiving over 800 songs, NRK has declared they’ll make several changes to the competition to cope with the increase of interest in the show. The total number of performers will increase from 21 to 24 and the live shows will be longer in duration. Additionally there is no more ‘Second Chance’ show, which will be replaced by a 40-minute program each Thursday that the contest runs.

NRK’s project leader Skjalg Solstad said NRK are expanding the number of transmissions and the total program time to therefore increase the number of artists in MGP. Which will allows NRK to make the nations largest music competition even bigger and more important.

Each Thursday NRK will broadcast 40 minute television programs from each of this year’s host cities; Ørland, Larvik (first time host) and Florø. Each program will include a final update on the preprations of the show and of the artists. This is the first time Larvik are in the MGP. Tickets for the various events will be posted within the next week.

Per Sundnes will be joined by past MGP host Marte Stokstad as the two hosts from 2010 are ready for another round of MGP in 2012! Sundes comments; “The public can expect that we continue with what we have begun the previous year, but with an even wider range of genre and age. Geography knows no bounds this time.”

Earlier this year Stella Mwangi represented Norway in Eurovision 2011 with ‘Haba Haba’ but was unable to qualify to the Eurovision Song Contest final.

Stay tuned for more information on MGP 2012!