OG3NE: “Song inspired by illness of our mother”

Girl group OG3NE want to bring a tribute to their mother with their songs ‘Lights and Shadows’. “Our song is inspired by the illness of our mother,” one of the girls tell at the press presentation of their song.

“We see it up close what it is like when an illness takes you away from society, but you see the light from far away,” says Lisa Vol. Check out our item at the press presentation on Friday.

Other expectations in The Netherlands

Some people expected something different fro O’G3NE, when compared to their previous songs. But they have delivered a song in the style the fans were used to. Amy Vol explains: “Of course we were not doing something completely different. Then they should have picked someone else.”

First live performance of the ‘Lights and Shadows’

After their radio presentation, the girls Lisa, Amy and Shelley went on to perform their song on RTL Late Night, a daily talkshow on Dutch television. You can see the result below: