Omar Naber: “Ten years ago, I was not mature enough for this song”

Two years after taking part at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, Omar Naber wrote the song ‘On my way’. Ten years later, he will perform it during his return at Eurovision.

During Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam, we caught up with Omar and asked him why he waited this long to perform this song. “The song has a deeper meaning. Ten years ago, I was not mature enough to pull it off and sing ‘On my way’ in a believable way.”

“I was waiting for the right opportunity to perform this song. As turned out, I was right to finally deliver it this year in EMA.”

Returning to Eurovision

The Eurovision Song Contest 2005 was also held in Kiev. Omar Naber has bad memories of the contest, of course, since he did not qualify for the grand final on behalf of Slovenia. In these years, Eurovision had huge semi finals and it was even more difficult to place in the top-10 for a ticket to the final on Saturday.

“It is great to be back, I gained a lot of experience and I will use it wisely this year. Not everybody gets the chance to represent their country for a second time, so this makes me proud.”

Twelve years ago, everything was different, not just Eurovision. “The music industry has changed rapidly. The Eurovision Song Contest changed with it. I cannot say if I will reach the final this time.”