Paenda premieres her song ‘Limits’ for Austria

Paena. Photo by: Thomas Ramstorfer

The song ‘Limits’ by Paenda has been released by Austrian broadcaster ORF. You can now listen to the song that represents Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

Earlier in this season, Paenda became the participant for Austria in Tel Aviv based on an internal selection. Austria used that same method in 2018, when Cesar Sampson won the televote and gave the country a top result in Lisbon.

This is the Austrian Eurovision song for 2019:

About Paenda

Paenda’s name — which can also be Pænda — comes from the giant panda, as she says she resembles one when she wakes up first thing in the morning. Paenda is also known for her colourful hair, sporting a bob dyed in ever-changing tones of blue.

At the age of 14, PAENDA wrote her first songs, while also learning how to play the guitar and piano. When it became clear that music was not just a passionate hobby for her, she moved to Vienna to study jazz. Several music projects followed, until she launched her project PAENDA in 2015.