Pasha Parfeny, Natalia Gordienko take part in Moldovan auditions

Broadcaster TRM in Moldova announced that there are 35 candidates to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam. Amongst those acts are a lot of familiar names and three former candidates, which will first face an audition round.

Pasha Parfeny finished in 11th place at Eurovision 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan with the song ‘Lăutar’. This time he wants to return with the song ‘My Wine’. The singer for Moldova in 2006, Natalia Gordienko, will try to go solo in 2020 with the song ‘Prison’. and Geta Burlacu (2008) is also back.

Denis Midone will also be a familiar name to Junior Eurovision fans, having participated at the contest back in 2012.

Other returning names are Sasha Bognibov, who tries to represent his nation for the 19th time in 2020. Maxim Zavidia was the runner-up in Moldova in 2019 and also returns, just like number 3 Diana Brescan.

Here is the list of the 35 acts and 36 songs that will be in the audition round in Moldova:

Alexandru Cibotaru – Cine te-a făcut să plângi
Angel Kiss – My Own Queen
Angel Kiss – You Are My Dance
Carolina Racoviță – Dancing in the Sunrise
Catarina Sandu – Die for You
Che-MD & Irina Revenco – Adio
Danny Cruise – My Love
Diana Brescan – Let’s Go Together
Diana Rotaru – Dale dale
Diana Popa – Believe Me
Dima Jelezoglo – Do It Slow
Georgeta Burlacu – Răspunde
Irina Kit – Chain Rection
Julia Ilienko & Mishel Dar – Tears
Katerina S – We Are Done
Lave – Wildfire
Lavinia Rusu – Touch
Liusia Znamensky – Love No More
Live Beat – Love Me Now
Maria Ciolac – Our Home
Maxim Zavidia – Take Control
Midone Denis – Like A Champion
Natalia Gordienko – Prison
Nicolae Untilă – Call Me Please
Olea Roșu – Alive
Pasha Parfeni – My Wine
Petronela Donciu & Portărescu Andreea – We Will Be Legend
Ray Barc – I’m Shy
Sasha Bognibov – Big Brother
Sasha Letty – Summer of Love
Tudor Bumbac – Te-am văzut în vis pe tine
Valentin Uzun & Irina Kovalsky – Moldovița
Valeria Pașa – It’s Time
Viorela Moraru – Remedy
Vovian – 10 minuni în Moldova