“Performing for 6 cameras is out of our comfort zone”

Based on the studio version, the song “2000 and whatever” has become somewhat of a fan favorite in “Australia Decides”. However, the artist Electric Fields admit that performing for 6 television cameras is “a little bit out of our comfort zone.”

“We are used to performing for a crowd. We have a certain style on how we perform, and how we deliver our tracks. Getting into the zone, and really feeling the music,” says Zaacharia, one of the singers of the band.

Watch the full interview with Electric Fields below:

Together with his friend and co-performer Michael, Zaacharia spoke to ESCDaily’s chief editor Steef van Gorkum via Skype. They also spoke about the lyrics of the song. “2000 and whatever is a reference to the calendar. We wanted to write a new years song that could be suitable year after year. Because the creatures in the cosmos do not care what the calendar is. Whether it is 2019, or 2438.”

“First time aboriginal language on a Eurovision stage”

“If we go to Eurovision, it would be the first time an aboriginal language goes on the Eurovision stage,” Michael adds. “2019 is the UN international year of the indigenous languages. That is not WHY we should go to Eurovision, but if we were to go, it would be an important sign. […] Western people can learn a lot from indigenous people when it comes to the environment.”