PeterNL correctly predicts TOP-5, wins prediction contest

PeterNL has won the ESCDaily Eurovision prediction contest 2023 with an amazing Grand Final prediction. Peter managed to get the entire top 5 correct. He previously gathered quite some points in both semi finals. Newcomer Cisca finished second and Robbert-Rotterdam, who predicted all 20 finalists correct, came in third.

From the editorial team, Steef van Gorkum finished in 12th place. He was behind some of his colleagues after both semies, but surpassed them in the Grand Final. Erik Bolks came 15th, Robin 16th and Dennis 19th.

Check out the full scores of the ESCDaily Eurovision 2022 prediction contest below:

  1. PeterNL 330pt
  2. Cisca                    325pt
  3. robbert-rotterdam 319pt
  4. PamLoog 314pt
  5. Michael 311pt
  6. Marieke 309pt
  7. Suzanne 308pt
  8. Tim van Dijk      303pt
  9. Kai                 302pt
  10. Dimitris 298pt
  11. Shannon 298pt
  12. Steef                 297pt
  13. Anthony 293pt
  14. Karin 293pt
  15. Erik                 291pt
  16. Robin                 288pt
  17. MarcvdHeijden 283pt
  18. Freek 282pt
  19. Dennis 280pt
  20. Stratis Balomas 275pt
  21. FinTGM09         268pt
  22. Lluis 262pt
  23. Myrthe 258pt
  24. Herti van Eersel 249pt
  25. Ian follin             203pt
  26. Edgar Zhuzhin 183pt
  27. John van Eersel 179pt
  28. Milan 152pt
  29. Andrew Hill 142pt
  30. Adam 126pt


  1. Congratulations to PeterNL for the magnificent victory!
    Personally, I have all reasons to be satisfied. A bronze position for the second time in a row.

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