Podcast: “Malta takes a risk with entering new staging territory”

Malta has not chosen a ballad for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, but an uplifting song with a lot of visuals, by Christabelle. According to ESCDaily’s Malta expert Sadie Trent, this is a risky choice, which might turn out right for Malta.

Check it out in this podcast episode of Scout Around, in which Dennis van Eersel talks to Sadie about the victory of Christabelle and her song ‘Taboo‘.

Malta usually goes for ballads or standard pop songs

In recent years, Malta did not have a lot of visual violence in the Eurovision Song Contest. Usually they go for ballads or timid pop songs, without a lot of fireworks or other visuals. This year, that is different. And according to Sadie Trent, who blogged the final on Saturday, it is a risk.

“But it is a risk which could turn out to be great for Malta. Yes, they have little experience with staging like this, but if they get it right, they could benefit from it. The fact that Malta selects a song with a strong message, is something we should all approve.”

The Maltese song for Lisbon covers the topic of mental disease. It offers the opinion that we should be open about discussing mental illness and offer help (rather than judge) to those suffering from it.