Poland 2018 – Gromee and Lukas Meijer – Light Me Up

Here you can find all the information for Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Poland will be represented by Gromee and Lukas Meijer and the song ‘Light Me Up’.

Andzej Gromala (Gromee) was born on 14th December 1978 in Kraków, Poland. Known for his “house” genre, Gromee is a DJ, record producer, remixer, and songwriter. He currently owns Kingztown Music and has been signed to Sony Music since 2016. Last year, he received an award for Best DJ/Producer at the Eska Music Awards.

Since 2011, he has released many singles featuring various different artists including Lukas Meijer. Lukas is a rock musician, singer, guitarist and songwriter from Ulricehamn, Sweden. He is also in a band called No Sleep For Lucy, where he is a vocalist.

At the beginning of March, it was decided that Gromee and Lukas Meijer would represent Poland at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest after they won Krajowe Eliminacje. Poland takes part in the second half of the second semi final on the 10th of May 2018.

Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

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