Poland: Listen to all the songs competing in Krajowe Eliminacje 2017

TVP, the Public Broadcaster in Poland, released all of the 10 songs competing in Polish national final onto youtube. 

The 10 songs competing in Krajowe Eliminacje are available to view on youtube. Napoli is not among them due to the new rule change in Poland. This means only Polish residents and people who have not competed in another national final in the same season can compete in Poland. The 10 acts competing are:

TVP have also brought in a jury for this year, meaning it is now a 50% jury vote and a 50% public vote, that will decide who will represent Poland in Kiev. Last year in Stockholm, Michal Szpak went from the bottom section of the leaderboard to near the top, this was due to the significant discrepancy between the jury vote and the televote. Poland scored 7 in the jury vote, and then a staggering 222 in the televote, bringing their total to 229. Will a jury vote in their national final improve their chances?