Poland: Michał Szpak surprisingly beats Margaret and Edyta Górniak

In a shock result Poland have sent Michał Szpak with “Colour of your Life” after Margaret placed second and Edyta Górniak placed third. Krajowe Eliminacje 2016 was the televised national final held in Warsaw tonight.

Polish national final “Krajowe Eliminacje 2016” chose it’s entrant for Poland tonight through 100% tele-vote. The show was hosted by Artur Orzech live from the TVP Headquarters in Warsaw.

Tonight’s running order:

  1. Taraka – “In the Rain
  2. NAPOLI – “My Universe
  3. Natalia Szroeder – “Lustra
  4. Dorota Osińska – “Universal
  5. Kasia Moś – “Addiction
  6. Ola Gintrowska – “Missing
  7. Michał Szpak – “Color of Your Life“ (1st)
  8. Margaret – “Cool Me Down“ (2nd)
  9. Edyta Górniak – “Grateful“ (3rd)