“Poland, United Kingdom, Italy and Sweden stood out during the jury final”

In our podcast Daily Coffee we talk about the jury final of Eurovision 2022 and the nations that probably stood out most and the ones that impressed the least.

As you may know, half of the results of the contest are already set in stone after Friday night, but the way the jurors voted will not be made public until Saturdaynight after the final and the lines opened and closed for the televote.

Erik Bolks, Dennis van Eersel and Steef van Gorkum also discuss the voting patterns for tonight. Van Gorkum: “If Ukraine does not win the jury vote and you want to know if they can still catch up – do not look at their position. Look at their point total. That’s the only thing that matters.”

Listen to the full episode of our Eurovision podcast:

In this article you can read our in-depth analysis of the jury show and how each nation did.