Poland: Will Kasia Mos finally give Poland the jury vote?

In recent years, Poland did not get a lot of points from the jury at the Eurovision. But will Kasia Mos be the participant to turn that around, with her strong vocals in the song ‘Flashlight’?

Donatan and Cleo, Monika Kuszyńska and Michał Szpak. They all did well with the televote, but got voted down by the jury. “Vocals are a very important part of the jury component and what they are looking for. But still, the song is a bit of a dirge and juries can be bored by boring ballads. It is a borderline case, but I do think in a semi final this will impress juries more than in the final.”

We hope you also enjoy our full country report which is shown below:

What do you think? Will Poland finally get a different result with the jury than in recent years?