Portugal adds fado and gospel rap to diverse final field

The Grand Final of Festival da Canção promises to be an interesting affair. Saturday night, 4 more qualifiers joined the already diverse field of songs, including a fado song by Tomás Luzia and a gospel rap song by Jimmy P.

Tomás Luzia gave the stand-out performance of the night, displaying solid vocals in an interesting traditional Portuguese song. The international tint came from Jimmy P, who delivered his song with five backing singers dressed as catholic acolytes. In Portuguese lyrics, Jimmy P told the story of how thankful he is to God for his family.

Kady and Elisa Rodrigues also qualified for the Grand Final.

Check out the Festival da Canção semi final 2 results below (qualifiers in bold):

  1. Dubio feat. +351 – “Cegueira”
  2. Luiz Caracol & Gus Liberdade – “Dói-me o país”
  3. Judas – “Cubismo enviesado”
  4. Kady – “Diz só”
  5. Elisa Rodrigues – “Não voltes mais”
  6. Cláudio Frank – “Quero-te abraçar”
  7. Tomás Luzia – “Mais real que o amor”
  8. Jimmy P – “Abensonhado”

You can click on the qualifiers to watch their performances on YouTube.

Portugal’s Festival da Canção 2020 Grand Final Acts

Last week, top favorite Elisa qualified for the Grand Final with a sensitive piano ballad and strong live vocals. These eight artists will perform in the Grand Final Elvas on March 7. The running order is yet to be determined.

  • Bárbara Tinoco -“Passe-Partout”
  • Elisa – “Medo de sentir”
  • Elisa Rodrigues – “Não voltes mais”
  • Filipe Sambado – “Gerbera amarela do Sul”
  • Jimmy P – “Abensonhado”
  • Kady – “Diz só”
  • Throes + The Shine – “Movimento”
  • Tomás Luzia – “Mais real que o amor”