Portugal: Leonor Andrade to Eurovision

The Portuguese national selection show Festival da Canção 2015  has just finished and it was the song “Há um mar que nos separa” by Leonor Andrade that was voted as the winner. Leonor will now represent Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna this May.

Leonor triumphed over five other finalists in the live TV show. The six finalists were narrowed down to three by the voting public plus the expert panel and then the second round of voting saw the winner decided solely by viewer’s votes. Leonor is well known in Portugal for participating in The Voice, her rock inspired performances found her success in her home country of Portugal and now she will fly the flag at Eurovision.

Rumours were rife that one of the finalists Simone de Oliviera had decided that should she win the competition, she would abstain from going to Vienna. In the end it did not matter – she failed to make the top 3 in the first round of voting. Portugal will participate in the first half of the second semifinal of Eurovision 2015 on the 21st of May in Vienna.