Portugal: Mark the dates for Festival da Canção

RTP announced the dates for the national selection for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Festival da Canção 2015 will take place at the RTP studios in Lisbon, with the semifinals on March the 3rd and 5th while the grand final is set forthe 7th of March.

The selection will include 12 songs specially composed by 12 invited composers. The 12 songs will be divided into two semifinals, with 6 songs each. The two most voted by the televote will won the ticket to the big final. A third song will be selected by the composers.

In the final, six songs will be performed and the two most voted by the televote and a third by the jury will compete in a Super Final, which will be broadcasted in the same evening. The remaining three songs will be voted exclusively by the televote and the most voted will represent Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.