Portugal represented by Elisa in Rotterdam

The final of Festival da Canção 2020 has been won by Elisa. She will now sing ‘Medo de sentir’ as the Portugese entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. The Portugese final took place at the Coliseu Comendador Rondão Almeida in Elvas.

Even though Portugal did not reach the final in 2019, Eurovision is still popular because of Salvador Sobral (winner in 2017). Elisa hopes to follow his steps in Rotterdam this May.

Festival da Canção 2020 full results:

  1. Elisa – Medo de sentir 20pt
  2. Bárbara Tinoco – Passe-Partout 18pt
  3. Filipe Sambado – Gerbera Amarela do Sul 16pt
  4. Kady – Diz só 15pt
  5. Jimmy P – Abensonhado 13pt
  6. Tomás Luzia – Mais real que o amor 11pt
  7. Throes + The Shine – Movimento 11pt
  8. Elisa Rodrigues – Não voltes mais 7pt

The Portuguese final was an expected battle between Elisa and Bárbara Tinoco. The dark horse of the competition was Filipe Sambado, who finished with the top Jury score of the night. Despite being the jury favourite, he received just 4 points from the public which led him into third place overall.

The 12 points from the public went to Bárbara Tinoco, followed by Elisa who received 10. However, with the points combined, Elisa scored the victory with 20 points overall, followed by Bárbara Tinoco who finished on 18, and Filipe Sambado who finished with 16 points.

Listen to the Portuguese Eurovision entry below: