Portugal: Three ‘The Voice’ winners take part in first semi

Broadcaster RTP has released the names of the participants in the first semi final of Festival da Canção 2017. Fernando Daniel, Rui Drumond (pictured above) and Deolinda Kinzimba, three previous winners of The Voice of Portugal, are on the list for that show on the 19th of February.

On Tuesday RTP already released the draw, based on all composers that take part in the competition. Now, the line-up for the first show has been filled in completely. The artists that are connected to the composers in the second semi final will be announced later.

The biggest name is perhaps Fernando Daniel, the most recent winner of The Voice of Portugal. Eurovision-fans might remember Rui Drumond from taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 as part of the duo 2B. His song ‘Amar’ did not qualify for the final in Kiev.

After a streak of bad results in the Eurovision Song Contest, broadcaster RTP changed up their gear this time. The gave a carte blanche to several composers and they had the right to search their artist for their song. This results in the following line-up.

Semi final 1, 19th of February:

01: Márcia (Compositor Márcia)
02: Golden Slumbers (Compositor Samuel Úria)
03: Fernando Daniel (Compositor Nuno Feist)
04: Deolinda Kinzimba (Compositor Rita Redshoes)
05: Rui Drumond (Compositor Héber Marques)
06: Lisa Garden (Compositor Siraiva)
07: Salvador Sobral (Compositor Luisa Sobral)
08: Viva La Diva (Compositor Nuno Gonçalves)

Semi final 2, 26st of February (artists to be announced later, composers below):

Tóli César Machado
Pedro Silva Martins
Jorge Fernando
João Pedro Coimbra
João Só
Celina da Piedade
Nuno Figueiredo


    • Hey Erik, three former winners of The Voice is quite a big line-up, especially for Portugal where these names usually did not take part at all. And we still have eight other names to go, so we are only halfway.

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