Oslo 2010: Press conference coverage day five

Welcome to escdaily.com’s fifth live day of press conference coverage from Oslo. Today there are eleven countries for the second time rehearsing and we’ll bring you the following press interviews as quickly as possible.

Sunstroke Project & Olia TiraRun Away

The Moldovan representatives were talking about that they are very satisfied with the performance today, only they have some slight problems with the lights. The Lights supposed to turn green, but it was blue. So Olia joked a little bit that they don’t like blue lights.

Olia also told that her dress is handmade and that every guy of the group SunStroke Project has like his own style. She also mentioned that she will have like a crazy make-up in the first semifinal on 25th May.

They also were talking a little bit about Oslo, that they were walking a lot and visiting some sightseeings and that they really love the capital of Norway.