Oslo 2010: Press conference coverage day six

Welcome to escdaily.com’s sixth live day of press conference coverage from Oslo.

Today there are twelve countries for the second time rehearsing and we’ll bring you the following press interviews as quickly as possible.

Join Deni for today’s reviews;

Juliana PashaIt’s All About You

Juliana Pasha’s career started at the Albanian Radio Television Song contest in 1999, and in 2000 she was awarded with the Vace Zela prize as the Best young vocalist, and almost every year she has won different prizes.

Pasha had already participated in the Albanian national finals in 2009 and 2008, reaching 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Juliana talked about the second rehearsal first – the Albanian delegation are very satisfied with everything
and their dresses were created from one of the most popular and famous Albanian designer.
Pasha announced she will release a Christian CD in Albanian and English soon. When the media asked her how important religion is for her – she said it is very important because she believes in God and that she is here because of his help.

Gjoko TaneskiJas Ja Imam Silata

Gjoko’s musical career reached the peak in 2007 when his biggest hit was played on radio stations and television channels for months and Gjoko used this moment for promoting his first album Zbogum Najmila. Two years after, Gjoko promoted his second album named Nikogas Dosta.

In 2010 he won Skopjefest alongside young rapper Billy Zver with “Jas Ja Imam Silata”.

The delegation was very satisfied with the performance today and they said everything went great and it was better than the first one. They changed the choreography a little bit at the end of the performance.
The media then asked Gjoko to sing and he sung a famous national song called “Makedonsko Devojce”.

Harel SkaatMilim

Harel Skaat was just 5 years old when his kindergarten teacher noticed that little Harel had a unique vocal ability. Aged 6, Skaat participated in his first contest and won the first place. Winning the competition opened the doors to the entertainment world for the young Harel, and he participated in popular television shows and accompanied well-known singers on stage and in the studio.

Harel was internally selected to represent Israel this year and, from four songs, “Milim” was selected by the public.

To start the press conference, they showed the official video clip of “Millim” which Harel talked about it for a little bit. The clip cost 30,000 euros and it was shoot in the desert. He also said that some previous participants of Israel, Dana International, Shiri Maimon, Boaz Mauda gave him some tips about the contest.
Also, Harel admitted that every time he performs the song he finds something new in himself.