Oslo 2010: Press conference coverage day three

Welcome to escdaily.com’s third live day of press conference coverage from Oslo. Today there are nine countries rehearsing and we’ll bring you the following press interviews as quickly as possible.

Today we will bring you the press conference coverage from Lithuania, Armenia, Israel, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

Join Carel and Deni for today’s coverage.

Here are our videos and reviews;

Eva RivasApricot Stone

Harel SkaatMilim

Deni: Harel spoke about his song and said to the press that he sings this song for his grandfather who passed away four days before the national final and that his grandfather always wanted him to see him at the contest. Therefore, the song gave Harel another meaning after his death. Harel also said that that he wants to deliver the song with his eyes, his voice and his own performance.