Preview: Azerbaijan in Eurovision 2015

In this new rubric at ESC Daily, we will take a look at next years Eurovision Song Contest. What can we expect from each participating country? In today’s preview we will feature the plans in Azerbaijan.

What do we know so far?
The format national broadcaster Ictimai will use to select their 2015 Eurovision act is yet unclear, but the last couple of years Azerbaijan selected its entry through talent shows. Last time it was the show Böyük Səhnə, in the years before it was Milli Seçim Turu. There is also the possibility Azerbaijan will go totally internal and give an acclaimed artist carte blanche, to leave the bad 2013-result behind them.

Possible names
Íf Azerbaijan will go internal, there are plenty of names to chose from. Emin Agalarov, who performed in the interval-act in 2012 in Baku, is a big name in Azerbaijan. Being married to Leyla Aliyeva, the daughter of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, he sure has the connections to be appointed by Ictimai. Other possible names are Aygun, Elnara, Röya, Natavan and Miri Yusif, but chances are a rather unknown artist will represent Azerbaijan once again after winning a talent show.

Chances at Eurovision
Azerbaijan had an astonishing track record, always making it to the top-10 since their debut in 2008. It has to be said, they always came with either a great song or a great act, or both important factors combined, but last year the vocals of Dilara were not that great. If Azerbaijan gets their own high standards back, there is no doubt they’ll be a contender for a top finish in Vienna once again.