Preview: Cyprus in Eurovision 2015

In this new rubric at ESC Daily, we will take a look at next years Eurovision Song Contest. What can we expect from each participating country? In today’s preview we will feature the plans in The Netherlands.

What do we know so far:

Cyprus was absent from the contest for one year for financial reasons but on the 16th of July, 2014, CYBC announced their come back in Eurovision in 2015. CYBC is planning to air a total of 10 live televised shows (starting from December 7th) as part of its 2015 Eurovision national selection, with the grand final scheduled to be held on the 1st of February, 2015. Former Eurovision representatives Elena Patroklou (Cyprus 1991), Alex Panayi (Cyprus 1995, 2000), Despina Olympiou (Cyprus 2013) as well as Christer Björkman (Melodifestivalen executive producer) will be members of the special jury panel who will select the acts competing in the national final.

Possible names:

This is the list of candidates for Cyprus:

  1. Victorious sung by Yuri Melikov
  2. Unicorn sung by Anastasia Liberi
  3. Lonely sung by Lucy Sofroniou
  4. Miracle sung by Olivia Sofocli
  5. Run Run Run sung by Nelena Paparisva
  6. Scared sung by Valence (Chrisovalantis Nikolaou)
  7. Let Your Mind Free sung by Flirt
  8. Chlomi Selini (Pale moon) sung by Nikolas Leventis
  9. One Thing I Should Have Done sung by Giannis Karagiannis
  10. Rainbow sung by Kostas Karaiskos
  11. Shine sung by Minus One
  12. Stone In A River sung by Hovig
  13. Come And Fight For Freedom sung by Eva Diva
  14. Don’t Give Up On Me (Just Yet) sung by ApolloNia
  15. Shake Dat sung by Georgiou Kyriakos
  16. You Can’t Stop Love sung by Christina Papaioannou
  17. Right In sung by Aimily Charalampous
  18. Ena Kafe Mazi (A coffee together) sung by Nikolas Mavromichalis
  19. Without Your Love sung by Panagiotis Koufogiannis
  20. Magic sung by Doody
  21. Find Me sung by Maria Pampori
  22. No Money No Honey sung by Elena Panayi
  23. Steko Akoma (Still hanging on) sung by Kostas Archontous
  24. Still sung by Maria Evangelou
  25. Play Me Like A Pop Song sung by Maria Evangelou
  26. My Aura Is Bright sung by Chrystalla Patsia feat. DJ performer Cyprus Karavioti
  27. Said It All Before sung by Pieros Kezou
  28. Live Your Myth sung by Adrenaline by Kristis Koupatos
  29. Call On Love sung by Stefanos Tsiitsios (Stephano Prunabelli)
  30. March To Doubt sung by Stefanos Tsiitsios (Stephano Prunabelli)
  31. Beat Of My Heart sung by Ioanna Protopapa
  32. World One sung by Stella Esmeralda Konstantinou
  33. Dawn sung by Eleni Iracleus
  34. Chorevo Mambo (Dancing mambo) sung by Evagoras Evagorou
  35. Tha Sou Tragoudiso (I’ll sing for you) sung by Maria Pavlou
  36. Until The End Of Time sung by Lady Ava
  37. Eimai Edo (I am here) sung by Nikos Trikki
  38. Your Love sung by Gore Melian
  39. Stand Up sung by Konstantinos Michailoudi
  40. Meine (Stay) sung by Christos Rialas
  41. Deila Den Agapo (I don’t love timidly) sung by Charis Savva, Nearchos Evaggelou
  42. The Key Is Love sung by Lady Ava
  43. Real You sung by Eleni Savva
  44. Heaven On Earth sung by Eleonora
  45. Alone In Love sung by Lefki Stilianou
  46. Thelo Na Gino Oranos (I want to become the sky) sung by Stella Stilianou
  47. Thelo Na Chatho (I want to disappear) – Stella Stilianou
  48. Kori Tis Messogeiou (Daughter of the Mediterranean sea) – Christodoula Tsaggara
  49. Lonely Nights sung by Lefki Stilianou
  50. I Didn’t Know sung by Christina Matsa
  51. When I Look At You sung by Dimitris Iakovou
  52. Call For Me sung by Iosif Charalampous
  53. I Wanna Dance (I Say Tempo) sung by Iosif Charalampous
  54. #Is This Real Life sung by Groove Therapy
  55. Sailing Ships Pirates And Dragons sung by Giorgos Moisi, Maria Moskofian, Christiana Chatziiordanous
  56. In This Arms sung by Christina Tselepou
  57. When We Used To Be sung by Georgiou Konstantina
  58. Remember My Love sung by Ifigenia Loukaidou featuring Lyrical Eye
  59. Just Another Guy sung by Marios Liasidos
  60. Rebound sung by Neofitos Stratis

Chances at Eurovision:

Cyprus participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 31 times since making its debut in 1981. Since 2006, Cyprus only managed to qualify for the Grand Final on two occasions, before withdrawing from the 2014 contest.