Festival da Canção 2018: Who represents host nation Portugal?

Who will sing for the host nation Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018? We will find out on Sunday, in the grand final of Festival da Canção 2018. In this article you can find everything you need to know about that show.

It looked like it was going to be a one-horse race in Portugal, with the beautiful stunning performance of Diogo Piçarra. However, after rising speculation that his song ‘Canção do Fim’ was plagairism of a song from 1979, he decided to leave the competition.

With the winner of both the jury and televote in the semi final stage in Portugal out of the race, we now have a more open field with several contenders to win it on Sunday:

Peu Madureira – Só Por Ela (22 points)

The winner of the first semi final has the highest amount of points gained in the semi final stage. Higher than all of the contenders that are left in Portugal. It is a typical Portuguese song, with emotional trembling vocals. A very static performance, looking like a Eurovision song in the 60’s. Will this be the entry for the home nation in Lisbon?

Cláudia Pascoal – “O jardim” (20 points)

The pink haired Cláudia was the runner-up of semi final 2 and became the winner after Diogo’s withdrawal. Her song is slow tempo, as she is joined by a young female in a chair, who turns around for one chorus and then turns her back on her again. Despite the low pace of the song, it makes some impact and is a contender for victory.

Janeiro – (sem título) (16 points)

A beautiful song by a true musician, without a song title (have we ever had that at Eurovision? No.) Janeiro, pictured above the article, is on stage with his headphone on, witting on the chairs at the border of the big stage. I could see this do well at Eurovision again. Strange fact: He won the jury vote but failed to score in the televote big time, getting only 4 points.

Catarina Miranda – Para Sorrir Eu Não Preciso de Nada (16 points)

Another great composed ballad, getting 8 points from both jury and televote in semi 1. Catarina has sparkles on her face, close-up of her as she walks on the stage, where she stays all alone throught the entire song. She sings that “for smiling, I need nothing” and she proves that in her performance.

Anabela – Pra Te Dar Abrigo (13 points)

We still know Anabela from Eurovision 1993 but beware: At Eurovision 2018 only a few people will still know her. Still has nu influence on her eventual result in Lisbon. Her song is completely different, more jazz and swing in it. The accordion and other musicians on stage give the overall performance a good vibe.

Maria Inês Paris – “Bandeira Azul” (12 points)

Maria, the opening act of the second semi, uses multiple camera registration shots in one screen. She has a group of musicians on stage with her, but there is not a real dancing mood being created. After Diogo stepped out of the competion, whe became the runner-up of the second show. But the opinion of jury and televote was so devided, that she still received only 12 points.

The other acts in the final in Portugal

The other acts only got ten points or lower, and despite qualifying for the final, they will probably not play a big role in the top of the ranking of the grand final of FdC 2018.

Minnie & Rhayra – “Patati patata” (10 points)
David Pessoa -“Amor veloz” (9 points)
Peter Serrado – “Sunset” (9 points)*
Joana Barra Vaz – “Anda estragar-me os planos” (8 points)
Susana Travassos – “A mensageira” (8 points)
Joana Espadinha – “Zero a zero” (7 points)
Rui David – “Sem medo” (7 points)

*This is the only English song in the final
** Susana only made it to the final because Diogo left the competition