Preview: Four horse race to be expected in Lithuanian final

The Roop is one of the main candidates to represent Lithuania

After five shows in the last weeks, Lithuania will pick their act for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in the final of Pabandom iš naujo! And based on the results of the three heats and two semi finals, we seem to be in for a four horse race in Vilnius.

It was expected that, based on their name and fame, Monika Marija and Aistė Pilvelytė would be the ones to watch in 2020. And the jury has always backed them so far as winners, but they have not yet performed in the same show together. The Roop and Moniqué have showed to be televote favourites, that also had a good jury vote after their performances. Which of these four will go to Rotterdam?

Monika Marija – If I leave

Let’s start with the hot favourite of the last two years. Monika Marija is a former winner of The Voice, which can be heard. Last year, she was in the final with two songs, but decided to withdraw one of her songs. After losing out to Jurijus en coming in second, she is now back with the song ‘If I Leave’.

In the first heat, Monika won both the jury and the televote. In her second semi final, she was the jury favourite again, but came in second behind Moniqué in the televote. It’s exactly these televote numbers in this season that give us some doubts whether she will make it to Eurovision this year around.

The Roop – On fire

Here is the ‘fun entry’ in Lithuania, something they have been sending in to Eurovision in the past before. And The Roop might be the act for 2020 for the Lithuanians. It has had the best numbers in the televote by far from all competing acts.

‘On Fire’ has also had it’s appreciation from the jury, even winning the third heat. The vocals are fine, it’s good fun and the dance routine could be something that a lot of people might enjoy. A true contender for victory on Saturday.

Moniqué – Make me human

The third big contender for victory is Moniqué, who is trying to represent her country for the first time. Her song ‘Make me human’ shows her in a robotic style, but becoming more and more human as the song progresses.

Moniqué was the winner of heat 2 in Lithuania, by winning the jury vote and coming in second place for the public. Her televote however seriously improved for the second semi final, which she won ahead of Monika Marija. But, because the jury vote counts heavier in Lithuania, the overall victory in semi 2 was for Monika. It was a close call, and will be one in the grand final.

Aistė Pilvelytė – Unbreakable

Aistė Pilvelytė has tried to represent Lithuania in the past before, and comes up with a song that is a bit cliché of what many people expect from Eurovision songs.

To be honest, it is mostly based on her name that she is getting high scores from the jury. The televote scores were also good, but not as high as The Roop has been this season. Probably it will not be enough to actually win the final in Lithuania, but another top result is in the making for Aistė.

The other four candidates in Lithuania

There four more qualifiers for the final in Lithuania, but they never topped the jury or televote and don’t seem to be candidates for the final victory. You can check out the remaining candidates below:

KaYra – Alligator

Ruta Loop – We came from the sun

The Backs – Fully

Meandi – Drip

Follow the final for Lithuania in Eurovision 2020

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