Preview: Who will Hungary choose in A Dal 2018?

This weekend, as a part of another ‘Super Saturday’, we’ll be watching eight acts take part in the A Dal Grand Final. The winner will represent Hungary at Eurovision 2018. With all acts offering something different for a variety of audiences, it is sure to be an entertaining show. Joshua Mayne takes you through all the candidates…

AWS – Viszlát nyár

This metal song is certainly not to everyone’s taste, but even as a neutral fan of this genre, it is hard to deny that it is performed and composed very well. Vocals were spot on in the Semi Final, and the energy of the performance is at the level it needs to be. The ‘screaming’ at the end may be polarising for some, but ultimately, this has a very high chance of the winning the A Dal Grand Final. For what it is, it is very, very good.

yesyes – I let you run away

Yesyes’ lead singer Ádám Szabó was already runner-up in A Dal 2015 to Boggie. A favourite since the start of this year’s competition, I let you run away certainly doesn’t make the listeners run away. The strong (although slightly disconnected) chorus is immediately capturing. Without a doubt, this is a great song – simple as that. Although past performances have been a little messy, this still has very good odds of winning A Dal and representing Hungary this year at Eurovision. In the semi final, Ádám Szabó sang a lot better than he did in the quarter finals.

Viktor Király – Budapest Girl

Viktor Király is back for his third attempt at A Dal. The American born star is arguably the biggest name in the final, however this entry might struggle to fulfill his aim of winning… The melody is worthy of some foot tapping, but it doesn’t progress much further than that. Overall, the vibe of the performance is pleasant and summery, but it doesn’t have that creative touch to give it the edge. Still a chance, though – there is definitely a market for this song.

Tamás Horváth – Meggyfa

The simple, ethnic-influenced song has proven popular with the public, qualifying from Semi Final 2 after winning the televoting. It is immediately catchy and Tamás Horváth delivers the performance with conviction. However, this song may struggle to win on Saturday night, with the jury only awarding it 38 points last week (4 points away from automatic qualification).

Zsolt Süle  – Zöld a május

Sung tenderly and passionately, this act is a nice display of the Hungarian language. Although it has scored well with the juries, it has not left its mark as a serious contender to represent Hungary in Lisbon. There is nothing inherently wrong with the performance or the song, although, it may not have that x-factor to get it over the line. Televoters have not fallen in love with Zsolt yet, either.

Gergely Dánielfy  – Azt mondtad

Azt mondtad
 is most definitely a contender to win A Dal 2018 after winning Semi Final 1. The performance is restrained, and each aspect of the song is showcased. Whether it is his voice, the melody or each individual instrument, each element of the performance is given its deserved attention. This would be a very good option for Hungary at Eurovision, with it being a song that is hard to dislike.

Gábor Heincz Biga – Good vibez

This song definitely lives up to its title, with a pleasing, grooving melody making the performance very enjoyable. Is it groundbreaking? No. But is it a good song? Yes. Although there are arguably stronger songs in this final, its agreeable nature gives it a good chance this weekend. English pronunciation is also very good, which is another positive.

Leander Kills – Nem szól harang

A good rock song, Nem szól harang is performed with conviction. There is liveliness in their performance that suits the music, and overall, it’s a very smooth and well-considered performance. However, there is one major problem for them in the final, and it’s not themselves… It’s AWS. Leander Kills only sneaked through the final, whereas AWS seem to be much more popular with their act. It will be interesting to see the final outcome this weekend.

Who do you think will win? Who do you want to see representing Hungary this year? Let us know your thoughts!


  1. My preference would be:

    1. Horvath Tamas
    2. Gergely Danielfy
    3. AWS

    AWS – melodic metal, which I don’t detest but even like.
    yesyes – should have won over Boggie, but not this year, weak song. chorus is almost same as AWS.
    Viktor Kiraly – He’s got the looks, but the song lacks impact
    Horvath Tamas – Strong reminder of last years Origo, likeable and sticks to the mind.
    Zsolt Süle – Hongarian Peppino di Capri of José Cid? Sympathetic but no charisma
    Gergely Danielfy – Most beautiful voice of the night. Song needs stronger chorus but overall it’s quite good.
    Heinz Gabor Biga – Plain and annoying voice
    Leander Kills – Less melodic than AWS , less ‘accessible’

    • Thanks for taking the time out to read my piece! I agree with a lot of what you have to say. Your insight on Leander Kills is spot on – AWS really is their main problem. Looking forward to the final this weekend!

  2. Wow! This Josh kid really knows his stuff! Hope you’re paying him well! ;).
    Also, I don’t think the public will support the rock bands such as AWS…Meggyfa for the win!

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