Check out the favorites for Selecția Națională 2018 final in Romania

Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen no less than five semi finals in Romania and 59 songs in Selecția Națională 2018. 15 songs made it to the final of next Sunday. We will now look ahead to that show.

It was hard to qualify for the final in Romania. 75% of the acts in each show were eliminated before the contest was actually begun for them. Not the ideal approach, but Romania gave everyone in the country the chance to see a Eurovision show, as the semi finals were all held in another city throughout the big country.

Alex Florea, who took part for Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, was opening the first semi final but got a painful elimination and is not in the final. The most harsh thing about his early exit? His partner in crime in Kiev, Ilinca, was in the jury and only gave him 6 points…

Eurovision 2006 entrant MIHAI did make the cut, but is not the biggest favourite to win on Sunday. We will guide you along the biggest contenders, being the semi final winners, and a couple of outsiders for victory in Romania, one of the few countries to have a 100% track record of qualifying from the Eurovision semi finals.

Preview of the Selecția Națională 2018 final in Romania

Jukebox feat. Bella Santiago – “Auzi cum bate” – 58 points

This duo gained the most points in the semi final stage. ‘Auzi cum bate’ is a very bombastic song, with strong vocal powers and a powerful performance. The winner of the second semi final is one of the main contenders to also win the final on Sunday.

The Humans – “Goodbye” – 58 points

The winner of the fifth semi also received a swooping 58 points and is the next favourite to win the Romanian ticket to Lisbon. The staging and camerawork focuses on the lead singer and her vocals in the slow parts of the song. We get a lot of wide shots and the other band members when the rock sequence begins. Knowing the staging will be even better in Portugal, this would be a fine choice for Romania.

Claudia Andas – “The One” – 56 points

Walk about vocal power. The winner of the fourth show in Romania is Claudia Andas. One of the favourites to win it, based on reactions on Social Media. A raw voice, a static pop-ballad and a full focus on the song. Some of the lyrics are being projected on the screen behind Claudia. This is quite typical Eurovision and there is definitely a market for these type of songs.

Alexia & Matei – “Walking on Water” – 53 points

This act slightly reminds us of the Romanian entry of last year. Except there is no yodeling. A young couple, almost flirting on stage and singing a rhythmic pop song for each other. The dancing somethings went at the cost of the vocals. Alexia and Matei were the winners of the first semi final.

Erminio Sinni & Tiziana Camelin – “All the Love Away” – 52 points

The third semi final was such a tight battle, that we saw two winners with the same amount of points. This strong duet, with Erminio behind the piano and Tiziana blowing the crowd away with her voice, was a justified winner. Classic Eurovision, and that might be the biggest problem with this song, as a lot of young viewers might see this as pretty dated.

Xandra – “Try” – 52 points

The other joined winner of semi 3 is the song ‘Try’, that immediately start with some fireworks and smoke on stage. The Romanians have shown love and appreciated for these kind of bombastic powerballads in the past. That makes this a serious contender for a very high position on Sunday.

Teodora Dinu – “Fly” – 50 points

Teodora was the runner-up of the last semi final but had her act well thought out and gained a lot of points as well. We can see her as an outsider for a high position on Sunday.

TIRI – “Deșert de sentimente” – 43 points

The runner-up of semi final 4 is a worthy candidate for Eurovision, sometimes struggling with the vocals, but delevering a good composition. Some nice instrumental classical intermezzo’s in the song. If these are being shown better in the final, and the vocals improve a lot, this could be a dark horse. If there is no improvement, it will fail.

MIHAI – “Heaven” – 39 points

Once again MIHAI tries to return to Eurovision not with an uptempo song like ‘Tornero‘, but a rather cheesy ballad. He narrowly qualified for the final from the third semi final and does not seem to be in there for the victory this year again.

Remaining acts in Romania

There is a still a big line-up in Romania. Below you see the other acts that have reached the final. We believe these artists, including Eduard Santha who we spoke to last year, will not play a part in the final on Sunday. But we could be wrong. Please tell us your thoughts!

Feli – “Bună de iubit” – 43 points
Dora Gaitanovici – “Fără tine” – 42 points
Rafael & Friends – “We Are One” – 40 points
Echoes – “Mirror” – 38 points
Vyros – “La la la” – 37 points
Eduard Santha – “Me som romales” – 35 points