Preview: Sweden searches for ‘the next Robin Stjernberg’ in Andra Chansen

Felix Sandman during Melfest 2020 Source: SVT

We know 8 of the 12 Melodifestivalen finalists already. On Saturday, we will find out the remaining four through Andra Chansen, the infamous second chance round. Only once in recent history did a song from Andra Chansen go on to win the competition…

In Andra Chansen, 8 songs that did not manage to qualify for the Grand Final on their first try, literally get a second chance. In 2013, this format proved highly successful for Robin Stjernberg. His song “You” did not only qualify for the Melodifestivalen final in Stockholm, it even won! Therefore, “You” became the Swedish entry in Eurovision 2013 on home soil in Malmö.

Duel 1: Anis don Demina – “Vem e som oss” vs Ellen Benediktson & Simon Peyron – “Surface”

Upbeat Swedish hiphop with the eye-catching magazine backdrop takes on a more American styled duet ballad in this first duel. Melodifestivalen fans will probably remember Ellen Benediktson from her outstanding entry “Songbird” in 2014 with which she reached the final. Can she do it again?

Bookmakers slightly favor Anis Don Demina, however, within our team, the call was almost unanimous. 93% of our editors expects “Vem e som os” to qualify for the final.

Listen to Anis don Demina and Ellen Benediktson & Simon Peyron and make up your mind!

Duel 2: Malou Prytz – “Ballerina” vs Paul Rey – “Talking In My Sleep”

In this second duel, the genres of the songs are much more alike than in the three others. However, while Malou Prytz sings a highly contemporary Sia-styled ballad, Paul Rey has often been compared to Ed Sheeran. The most interesting question in this duel is: Who sells it better? Paul Rey looked highly uncomfortable on stage while Malou Prytz’ performance lacked vocally. They both had only a few weeks to improve.

This second duel is a tough one to call. Bookmakers tend to go for Paul Rey, however, within our team, Malou Prytz won the vote with 62% versus 38% for Paul Rey.

Listen to Malou Prytz and Paul Rey and make up your mind!

Duel 3: Felix Sandman – “Boys with Emotions” vs Frida Öhrn – “We Are One”

In a festival full of mainstream pop, “Boys with emotions” is arguably one of the more alternative entries this year. Felix Sandman’s minimalistic urban song will go up against “We are one”, a mainstream uplifting pop song.

Felix Sandman is top favorite both with bookmakers, as within our team: 100% of our editors expects him to go through to the final.

Listen to Felix Sandman and Frida Öhrn and make up your mind!

Duel 4: Mendez feat. Alvaro Estrella – “Vamos amigos” vs Drängarna – “Piga och dräng”

Going traditional or international? In the last duel, Spanish beach sounds battle with typical cheerful Scandinavian folk music. Both songs would make a very happy addition to an otherwise rather serious Melodifestivalen final.

Another tough duel to call: bookmakers are divided and so was our team, with 56% leaning towards Drängarna, while 44% thinks Mendez will qualify.

Listen to Mendez feat. Alvaro Estrella and Drängarna and make up your mind!