Preview: Switzerland in Eurovision 2015

In this new rubric at ESC Daily, we will take a look at next years Eurovision Song Contest. What can we expect from each participating country? In today’s preview we will feature the plans in Switzerland.

What do we know so far?

The Swiss public broadcaster SRG SSR have confirmed that Switzerland will select their entry through the national final Die Große Entscheidungsshow. A collaboration between four public broadcasters (German, French, Italian, and Romansh), the national final will feature six artists competing in a single live show to be held on the 31st of JanuaryThe six artists who will be performing on the night will be selected by an expert jury on December 7th. Of the six artists performing one artist will come from the Italian broadcaster, two will come from the French broadcaster and three will come from the German and Romansh broadcasters.

The Italian broadcaster will select three songs internally and the one candidate who is selected by the expert jury will win their place in the national final. For the French broadcaster, a radio show to be broadcast on the 20th of November will select six candidates and the two which are selected by the expert jury will represent the French broadcaster in the national final. Finally for the German and Romansh broadcasters there is an online platform where internet users can vote for their favourite songs submitted to the broadcasters. You can listen to the songs and vote here. The nine songs with the most votes will proceed to the expert jury, where three will be selected to perform at the national final.

On the night of the final the results will be divided 50% televoting and 50% expert jury voting and the winner will represent Switzerland in Vienna. This format is all highly similar to the way Switzerland chose its entries in the past few years.

Possible Names:

There are many confirmed artists in the running to represent Switzerland at Eurovision in 2015, most notably Kitty Brucknell with the song “Yearning”. Kitty is famous for appearing on the UK version of X Factor in 2011. Her theatrical and stand out performances saw her finish in 7th place. One rumour on Twitter was that former pussycat doll Jessica Sutta had been interested in taking part however she has since confirmed that these rumours were not true.

.Jessica Sutta

Chances at Eurovision:

Switzerland aren’t typically the most successful country when it comes to Eurovision in the 21st century having only featured in the grand final on four occasions since 2004. However SebAlter’s 13th place result in 2014 was their best placing since Vanilla Ninja’s “Cool Vibes” way back in 2005. Could this potentially see the rise of popularity and public interest in Eurovision in Switzerland? And could this also mean a higher quality of songs and better results for Switzerland each year? It’s hard to predict before we know the entries for the national final, but if you follow ESC Daily you will know before everyone else.

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