Preview: Two frontrunners in the final of Festival da Canção 2020

Elisa performs at Festival da Canção 2020 Source: RTP

This Saturday, Portugal will select their artist and song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. we look ahead to the final of Festival da Canção by looking at the two frontrunners, two rap songs and remaining four contenders.

If looks don’t deceived us during the semi finals, there seem to be three contenders for the victory in Portugal: Elisa, Bárbara Tinoco and Jimmy P. The full specified results from the semi finals have not been released, but it looks like one of these three acts will win out of the field of eight.

Read more about the results from the first semi final and the second semi final of Festival da Canção 2020.

The two frontrunners

We expect that a female singer will perform for Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. Elisa and Bárbara Tinoco both qualified from the first semi final of FdC 2020. Elisa is giving a completely solo performance of a engaging ballad.

‘Medo de Sentir’ tells the story of a woman who is afraid to feel, because she knows that what she is actually feeling is the fact that her love for her partner is no more.

Way more uplifting is the song ‘Passe-Partout’ by Bárbara Tinoco. A song unique in the field, in Portugal and possibly in Rotterdam. Bárbara’s characteristic vocals and her dancers take us back to the 50’s. The era of French singer Édith Piaf.

‘Passe-Partout’ has the most YouTube views and Spotify listens of all competing acts in the Portuguese national final. Thus: the televote winner and overall winner in Portugal?

Two rap songs in the Portuguese final

Jimmy P is the dark horse to win FdC 2020 with his rap song ‘Abensonhado’. Well, actually, rap song does not fully load the cover here. He delivers his song with five backing singers dressed as catholic acolytes. In Portuguese lyrics, Jimmy P told the story of how thankful he is to God for his family.

The second rap song took part in the first semi final and is called “Movimento”. The performance of Throes + The Shine is extremely energetic and cannot pass by unseen.

Four more acts take a shot

Tomás Luzia impressed in the second semi final with the typical Portugese fado song “Mais real que o amor”. Some of the vocals are somewhat shaky, but overall a good performance.

The second Elisa in the Portuguese final is Elisa Rodrigues with the song “Não voltes mais”. The music has some southern sounding vibe to it and the vocal delivery is outstanding. But whether this song will have enough impact remains to be seen.

Kady is also in the final with her song “Diz só”. The song features a slick act with three dancers next to her.

And finally we have Filipe Sambado sitting on his thrown singing about “Gerbera amarela do sul”, the yellow flower from the south. If we are not mistaken this will not be a force to reckon with for the victory this Saturday.

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