Preview: Victor Crone expected to win Eesti Laul 2019

Victor Crone Photo: Screenshot ERR

According to the bookmakers, Victor Crone will take Estonia by a ‘Storm’ next Saturday and represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. In this article we give you a preview of the Eesti Laul 2019 final, with the main contenders for victory listed for you.

Apart from Victor Crone, there are some other familiar names or more than decent acts in the competition. The piano ballad from Stefan, Tanja and Birgit who try to return to Eurovision and Sandra Nurmsalu attempts to make a come-back after 10 years as well.

Victor Crone – Storm

‘Storm’ by Victor Crone is a very accessible “Scandinavian” sounding song. Victor Crone is the favourite of the bookmakers by a landslide. Victor starts standing solo with his guitar and gives away a charismatic performance, which ends with a female backing singer standing back-to-back with him.

Uku Suviste – Pretty Little Liar

Not so far behind Victor Crone, the bookmakers list Uku Suviste as his main competitor. The act is unique, as Uku stays off screen for more than a minute. This might make it hard for viewers to connect with him, should he make it to Tel Aviv. The pyro for the finale will most likely go along with him to Israel.

Inger – Coming Home

With a ukelele, Inger gives a young and sweet performance in ‘Coming Home’. There is the appearance of a likeable winner, but one might expect the somewhat weak vocals (Kermit the Frog, anyone?) will hurt the chances of actually winning the competition.

Stefan – Without You

Stefan starts behind the piano and makes impact with his song ‘Without You’. He manages to connect with the camera well and cannot be rules out as a surprise winner in the competition yet.

The Swingers – High Heels in the Neighbourhood

It is not likely that Tanja, who took part in Eurovision 2014 and failed to qualify, and Birgit (Eurovision 2013) will return to the contest in Tel Aviv. But since they are former Eurovision participants, and that grabs the attention of a lot of people, here is their song with The Swingers:

Sandra Nurmsalu – Soovide puu

The same probably goes for Sandra Nurmsalu, who sang for Estonia in Moscow in 2009 and gave Estonia a top-10 result with the group Urban Symphony and the Eurovision-classic ‘Rändajad’. She probably won’t win Eesti Laul 2019 with her solo song ‘Soovide Puu’:

Estonia: Who will win Eesti Laul 2019?

The bookmakers have predicted Victor Crone as the winner of Eesti Laul 2019. Will he also get the job done? Stay tuned to ESCDaily next Saturday, as we will follow the conclusion of the national selection in Estonia for you.

1 Victor Crone – Storm 43% 1.75 1.5
2 Uku Suviste – Pretty Little Liar 19% 4 3.1
3 Inger – Coming Home 8% 9 8.2
4 Stefan – Without You 6% 12 12
5 Kerli Kivilaan – Cold Love 6% 12 13
6 The Swingers – High Heels in the Neighbourhood 4% 25 3
7 Sissi – Strong 3% 30 3
7 Synne Valtri – I’ll Do It My Way 3% 30 3
9 Sandra Nurmsalu – Soovide puu 3% 30 25
10 Kadiah – Believe 2% 50 3
10 xtra basic & Emily J – Hold Me Close 2% 50 3
12 Lumevärv feat. INGA – Milline päev 1% 75 3
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