Finland: Qualifiers from the first semifinal

Tonight saw the first Finnish semifinal, as five acts battled it out for three places in the “Euroviisut” final. In a slick and speedy production!

This year, each contestant will touch the magic ball to reveal their fate… If the stand reveals a green light, the act will qualify, but if the stand goes red, the act has not directly qualified to the final, but still is in with a chance via the wildcard.

The magic ball reveals….


GREEN: Cardiant

RED: Automatic Eye

RED: Jonna

GREEN: Marko

Therefore, our qualifiers are Johanna Iivanainen, Cardiant and Marko Maunuksela!!!

Johanna Iivanainen:
“Luojani Mun”

“Rapture in Time”

Marko Maunuksela
“Synkän Maan Tango”

You can review our live report here.

Congratulations to the qualifiers!