Rasmussen will represent Denmark at Eurovision 2018

Rasmussen has won DMGP 2018 and will go the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 on behalf of Denmark. The Danish song in Lisbon is called ‘Higher ground’.

The winning song “Higher ground” is a bombastic celtic ballad, with very strong vocals. The male group Rasmussen were dressed like cave men on stage, with the lead singer looking as if he came straight from the movie Braveheart. Steef van Gorkum stated in his liveblog: “This is the perfect mix between alternative and accessible.”

Whigfield quickly eliminated

In the line-up we saw a famous name: Whigfield. Sannie Charlotte Carlson, which is the real name of Whigfield, was born in Denmark and raised in Italy. She scored a huge hit in the 90’s with the song “Saturday Night”. Since then, she never left the music industry and kept on making hits such as “Think Of You” and “Another Day“. With her comeback song ‘Boys and Girls’, she was not able to make it to the big Eurovision stage.

Results of DMGP 2018:

  1. Rasmussen – Higher Ground 50%
  2. Anna Ritsmar – Starlight 31%
  3. Albin Fredy – Music for the road 19%

Eliminated in the first round:

Ditte Marie – Riot
Whigfield (Sannie) – Boys and Girls
Sandra – Angels To My Battlefield
Lasse Meling – Unfound
Carlsen – Standing Up For Love
Kary – Signals
Rikke Garner – Holder Fast I Ingenting

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  1. A pity that the stage lighting had apparently packed up ! You could hardly see the performers.
    I was hoping for them to whip off the dreary black to display white outfits underneath like Croatia in 1998.
    The slightly American ‘Celtic’ accent seemed incongruous. There’s no knowing what wins ESC these days but IMHO the song was limited and repetitive. It will doubtless float someones boat – good luck to you and to them.

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