Oslo 2010: Rehearsal coverage day six

Once again, here we are! This is out sixth live day of rehearsal coverage from the Telenor arena in Oslo and today we have the longest schedule yet. 12 countries will be rehearsing on stage for a second time, the final chance to make any adjustments before the dress rehearsals get under away on Monday.

Now join Luke, Alec and Deni for rehearsal reports as we return to the first semi final and the first 11 countries.

Here are our videos and reviews;

Juliana PashaIt’s All About You

Juliana Pasha’s career started at the Albanian Radio Television Song contest in 1999, and in 2000 she was awarded with the Vace Zela prize as the Best young vocalist, and almost every year she has won different prizes.

Pasha had already participated in the Albanian national finals in 2009 and 2008, reaching 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Report: Albania are first on today, and start with Juliana in the centre of the stage in black. The backing singers are to one side, with a fiddler on the other. The lights are black and white to start with, but then change between blue and purple during the song.

Giorgos Alkaios & FriendsOPA

Giorgos Alkaios is one of the few Greek artists who holds the record for consecutive concerts during the last decade in Cyprus, Germany, England, Canada, Australia and in the USA. Over the years more than 300,000 people have watched Giorgos performing live.

Alkaios, after a long career, will now represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest after winning the National Final with “OPA”.

Report: So on to one of the favourites who are not making many changes from before. The problem here is that the camera is not picking up the part when they bang the drums, so it’s being wasted. Apart form that it’s a strong song sailing into the final.

Filipa AzevedoHá Dias Assim

Filipa Azevedo is only 18 years old but has already a victory of the talent show Família Super Star in her portfolio, winning it in 2008, at the age of 16. From then on, she participated in numerous TV shows and recorded her first CD.

Filipa will represent Portugal at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with a song by veteran journalist Augusto Madureira.

Report: Portugal have been having some sound problems, which the microphone screeching on a couple of occasions. There’s a beautiful camera shot from behind the pearls, and Filipa is singing better after a shakey first run-through.

Gjoko TaneskiJas Ja Imam Silata

Gjoko’s musical career reached the peak in 2007 when his biggest hit was played on radio stations and television channels for months and Gjoko used this moment for promoting his first album Zbogum Najmila. Two years after, Gjoko promoted his second album named Nikogas Dosta.

In 2010 he won Skopjefest alongside young rapper Billy Zver with “Jas Ja Imam Silata”.

Report: Gjoko is in black, whilst his backing singers are almost naked- just wearing very skimpy leather outfits. Vocals are not a problem, but some of the camera work is!

3 + 2Butterflies

Belarusian representative, the band 3+2, consists of Alena Karpovich, Ninel Karpovitch, Artsem Mikhalenka, Yehiazar Farashan and Yuliya Shyshko. So, you can guess what the name of the band came from!

At the turn of 2009 the artists were invited to TV project Musical Court, during which the 3+2 band was formed and later internally chosen to represent Belarus.

Report: Plenty of dry ice on for Belarus, who are still persisting with the butterfly wings appearing out of the girls’ dresses on the key change. Towards the end they also have ticker tape falling, which is a shame because it ruins a very classy background. Pronunciation is still an issue, although the vocals are better.

Hera BjörkJe Ne Sais Quoi

Hera Björk became a household name in Iceland when she co-hosted the variety TV show Stutt í Spunann (a version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?) during the winter of 1999-2000.

Hera is no stranger to Eurovision fans as she was a backing vocalist for Iceland in 2008 and 2009. This year she won the Icelandic final solo with the song “Je Ne Sais Quoi”.

Report: A red dress for our Hera and her female backing singers, whilst the males are in black. There are some nice camera shots here, and the song bounced along well. There’s an audience that will vote this kind of thing into the final.

InCultoEastern European Funk

InCulto started in 2003 – Jurgis Didžiulis, a Colombian-born musician, found himself immersed in club scene of Lithuania, homeland of his grandparents. He never looked back. Mixing Latin rhythms, funk energy and “don’t give a damn“ attitude of punk, InCulto was destined to become an irresistible good fun recipe – full of vigour and with a touch of quirkiness.

In 2010, both Lithuanian jury and televoters came to unanimous decision – InCulto were selected to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest with Eastern European Funk.

Report: The silver shorts are too much! This is ok, but they really are taking it too far at the end. It’s an interesting opener, certainly.

Eva RivasApricot Stone

Eva Rivas used to be a soloist of one of the most famous ensembles in Rostov called Arevik. As a solo singer, Eva was repeatedly a laureate in different contests and compositions.

Eva Rivas was born on July 13, 1987 in Rostov-na-Donu and will represent Armenia in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Report: Eva has got her breasts on almost-full display iun her show dress, which is a very low cut dress. There are pyros on the final rehearsals.

Harel SkaatMilim

Harel Skaat was just 5 years old when his kindergarten teacher noticed that little Harel had a unique vocal ability. Aged 6, Skaat participated in his first contest and won the first place. Winning the competition opened the doors to the entertainment world for the young Harel, and he participated in popular television shows and accompanied well-known singers on stage and in the studio.

Harel was internally selected to represent Israel this year and, from four songs, “Milim” was selected by the public.

Report: The delegation are obviously not happy with some parts of this, and are having long discussions after each time they sing. Some of the camera shots are appauling. Will the juries go for this?

Chanée & N’evergreenIn A Moment Like This

Christina Chanée had already won several talent competitions at the age of 17. Even though she has also sung jazz, pop music has always been the pivotal point in her musical life.

Thomas N’evergreen (Thomas Christiansen) formed his first band when he was in the sixth grade and saw his first success with the song Every Time I See Your Smile which was high on the playlist of Russian MTV.

Denmark this year will be represented by the duo Chanée & N’evergreen with “In A Moment Like This”.

Report: We had bad vocals the other day, and we’re getting a bonus treat tonight. She is far too low, and he is out of tune and can’t be bothered. Their camera shots on the platform part at the end are a complete mess too. Be worried!

Michael von der HeideIl Pleut de L’Or

Michael von der Heide performs in French, German, Swiss German, English or Italian and mixes pop, jazz, folk and rock with traditional French chanson. He has played the piano and guitar since childhood, writes many of his own songs and also composes for a variety of other artists.

Michael was internally selected by Swiss broadcaster SRG SSR and will sing “Il Pleut de L’Or” in Oslo.


Anna BergendahlThis Is My Life

In 2008 Anna Bergendahl auditioned for the Swedish Idol performing the Bonnie Raitt song “Have A Heart” and the jury instantly praised her and her vocal abilities. Later on, she became a huge hit in the Swedish download charts.After Idol Anna was of course contacted by a number of record companies: everyone wanted to sign her!

On Saturday the 13th of March, in front of nearly 4 million viewers, the Swedish people voted Anna to be the one who should represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo with a landslide victory with her song This Is My Life. The song has since then reached No.1 in all Swedish charts.


Friday 21 May
Albania 11.00 11.30
Greece 11.30 12.00
Portugal 12.00 12.30
FYR Macedonia 12.30 13.00
Belarus 14.00 14.30
Iceland 14.30 15.00
Lithuania 15.00 15.30
Armenia 15.30 16.00
Israel 16.15 16.45
Denmark 16.45 17.15
Switzerland 17.15 17.45
Sweden 17.45 18.15